On a day filled with sunshine and bright blue skies, students and staff  took part in the annual athletics carnival. There was a range of events including javelin, long jump, discus and races, with various novelty activities creating much laughter. As in past years, the tug-of-war proved to be popular with rival teams trying every tactic possible to win. The enjoyment of both students and staff was obvious throughout the day and students excelled by trying their best and cheering each other on to success. Even staff were cheered on as some attempted to out perform their students, including Mr Burgin who tried hard to beat the discus record. As in the past, the day was filled with colour as students and staff dressed up to support their team. Most notable was the appearance of ‘Supergirl’ who made a dash to the finishing line with her cape flowing behind. This was definitely a carnival to remember. All students deserve a hearty congratulations for their efforts.