Creative and Performing Arts


The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) faculty consists of five key areas: Dance, Drama, Music, Photography (Darkroom and Digital) and Visual Arts. Students are encouraged to be involved in the many co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities available to them and to foster their talents in their chosen fields.

Students with particular interests and talents can participate and unleash their creative flair in a range of in-school, local, regional and state-wide activities in Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama. The dedicated staff in this faculty provides many opportunities to show case student work including school band and electronic music collective, Dance Company, drama performance nights, contribution to school mural and mosaic projects, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, ensembles, eisteddfods, community performances and our annual MADD night.

The standard of achievement for students in CAPA subjects continues to be very high with students nominated for Art Express (Visual Arts), NSW Talent Development Program in Music, Call Back for Dance and On Stage for Drama.

Music Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8)



In Year 7 Music students study concepts of music, the music and instruments of the orchestra, film music and great composers. Tasks and assessments are all completed in class or in the library. Only unfinished tasks are set as homework. Tasks are designed to be completed with guidance and support in class.

In Year 8 Music students study the chronology of Rock ‘N’ Roll from Blues to Grunge, music on television, for advertising and scores for TV programs. They explore Australian Music – traditional indigenous music and instruments, contemporary indigenous Artists, and Australian pop/rock bands.

Inbhs-20160401-159 Year 7 Visual Arts students study a topic on Animals – camouflage, fantasy and realistic animals. Students create a clay animal and a painting. They also focus on storytelling – how artists use images to tell stories. Students investigate Ancient Egypt, Aboriginal Art and Comics. Students create a clay Egyptian jar and various 2D artworks. Students are expected to record their intentions and procedures in their Visual Arts diary.

In Year 8 Visual Arts students study a variety of themes whilst exploring skills and techniques in the areas of drawing, painting, ceramics, 2D and 3D works. Students use a range of strategies to explore different art making conventions and procedures to make artworks. Students are expected to record their intentions and procedures in their Visual Arts diary.