Welcome to the Bomaderry High School P&C section, we are so glad you have made your way here!


So what is BHS P&C?

Well, we are an inclusive, positive and supportive group that fosters partnerships between school and parents/carers and students.

What does that mean? What do we do?

We play an active role in the school community: running a healthy canteen, with all profits being used to fund our various projects; providing parent/carer and student voices to decision making; and funding a wide variety of projects such as innovative classroom programs, end-of-year awards and special events. We aim to have parent representatives on all school committees. Our hope is to reach yours and every child at BHS and make a positive difference.

Our broad focus is to continue supporting BHS with parent and student engagement and student wellbeing. We remain flexible so we can address needs as they arise and our belief is that involvement, however big or small, from the school’s wider community is what makes the P&C possible.


SO if you’re keen to get involved, please join us if you can:

Meetings: 7.00pm on every second Thursday of the month during term time. Meeting are held in the Blue Gum room at the Bomaderry Bowling Club – this fabulous new location is making our meeting much more comfortable with air conditioning to keep us cool in summer and heating to keep us warm in winter. You are very welcome to have a meal or a drink before the meeting too (just a reminder that meetings are alcohol free zones). No need to sign in if you are just coming to the meeting.

New members are always very welcome; as are visitors. Please feel free to drop in and meet us all. As history would have it people worry they will get “lashed” if they attend – this is not the case at all. You are very welcome to come and join us and just your attendance is a great way to be involved.

This year we are going to put together a new member’s info pack so you will have a good understanding of the goings on at the meeting. We would love to meet you, so please be brave and come along!

e-Network: If coming to meetings isn’t possible or isn’t your thing but you would still like to hear about what we are doing, please click on the Sign-up to the e-Network here.


There are always activities or opportunities for you to volunteer on behalf of the P&C that doesn’t include attending meetings, for example:

  • Canteen volunteers: always wanted and such a huge help. You don’t need experience, there’s a whole range of different tasks on offer (washing up, stacking fridges or cupboards, washing tea towels, food prep – as little or as much as you like).
  • Sponsorship seekers: occasionally we’ll try to secure grants or goods/materials for different activities, if you have some time (emails, phone calls, letters) to help us approach some business or organisations from time to time let us know.

Suggestions:   We are always keen to hear your comments, suggestions and ideas. Please forward Comments/suggestions to bomaderryhighschool@pandcaffiliate.org.au


Meet your P&C

President: Sue Cuninghame

Vice-president: Katrina Thomas

Vice-president: Gina Wilson-Burns

Secretary: Amy Willesee

Treasurer: David Young

Executive Member: Karen Woods

Canteen coordinator: Karen Woods


Meeting dates for the year ahead:

12 April

10 May

14 June

9 August

13 September

8 November

6 December (a mini-meeting and a Festive Season dinner at the Bomaderry Bowlo)

Meeting Minutes

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February 2018

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